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National Coordinator
A National Coordinator for the ethnic/national communities in Italy is appointed by the President of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI) after examining, in the Conference’ Permanent Council, the request of the Bishops of the concerned ethnic / national community and on recommendation by the Migrantes Foundation. Usually the National Coordinator is a priest other than the chaplain/s or parish priest/s by way of exception, for small communities, the same chaplain / parish priest may be appointed also as National Coordinator. In Italy there are, at present, 16 National Coordinators for different ethnic/national groups. A National Coordinator works in close contact with the Immigration Director of the Migrantes Foundation and in collaboration with the other National Coordinators; he is directly responsible to the Director General of the Migrantes Foundation regarding all his activities for the pastoral care of his little flocks scattered all over Italy.
The Latin Rite faithful from Kerala reside, besides Rome and Macerata, in other 25 cities in Italy. The KRLCBC felt the need of recommending the Italian Bishops Conference for the appointment of a national coordinator who would eventually coordinate and organize the other communities too spread throughout Italy. In accordance with the decision of the KRLCBC and the letter dated February 21, 2007, of His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Daniel Acharuparambil, President of the KRLCBC, KRLCC & Archbishop of Verapoly, the Italian Bishops’ Conference’ (CEI) President, His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Angelo Bagnasco, appointed Fr. Antoney George Pattaparambil, on March 29, 2007, as the first National Co-ordinator of the Latin Catholic Communities of Kerala in Italy.
The new Chaplain and National Coordinator Rev. Fr. ANTONY ARAKKAL have taken charge. Via dei Cavalieri del S. Sepolcro, 1. Mobile.,                                                            
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